Hello there blogoshpere. In this online space I hope to leave my scratchings and ponderings for like-minded people to consider and judge. For years I have been writing for myself, keeping my words and ideas locked up in my mind (and the occasional document). However, if my dream of becoming a novelist and writer is to come to fruition this can go on no longer.

As for my person, I enjoy convoluted relationships with most people I come across, most notably with myself. I am a multilingual of sorts, a bibliophile, asiaphile, baconophile, South African, and a bit of an addict. My friends are all dicks (and some of the best people I know) and my family is pretty damn odd (and I love them the more for it). I get annoyed with my seemingly bipolar state of wanting to be both fully intro and extroverted at the same time, and really, really like being alone. And with people. Oh well: as one of my personal heroes once wrote – ‘So it goes’.

Have a look at my work and let me know what you think.



6 thoughts on “Dave

  1. Jay leans longingly towards a glass, quenches the parched dry savanna of his tongue, rubs his blood soaked eyes and looks again… nope; Dave is yet to share his brilliance with us. Give us a post you genius. It’s time to write until your fingers bleed.

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  2. Hi. This isn’t spam. I’m not a spam bot. I like spam though. Spam hands slapping. Where are the posts? Would you like me to build you a pretty website. I’m not from India either. Really. X

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      • Yo Dave. The links to the posts are hidden. I would suggest putting a burger icon as part of the menu anchor to inform your potential readers that site nav to the the posts are accessible right there.
        Drop me a Skype sometime And we can put together a more usable site. (for fun – not money;)
        See ya.

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