Behind the Bookshelf

A ‘somewhat’ experimental (very) short story…


Behind the Bookshelf

Why do I love you I love you I love you even though I have never even met your face to face with me to me you are love as love is a daisy to the sun to the sky you are the wave oh my soul you squeeze it from it a drop of nectar sweet enough for the birds and the bees please be in my I love you though I have never met you cannot know you I love you I love you I love you so steeply I roll down the hill I cannot gain any more speed if I tried and I know now as I tumble I should never stop as you might see me vanish down the horizon the horizon of the hillside and you might come to find me because you saw me rolling down the hillside and know that you love me too and so come to save me as I tumble down tumble and fret with gravity up and down and set me on my feet and look at my one eye and then the other and know that I love you and that you love me, too, and we could tumble and topple and rumble away together as one as I love you and you love me and we love each other and we love together and we love. And I am so shallow I love you and your soft skin your beetle eyes that shine so black like the hair soft and black like silk and a beetle your teeth a white curve a lascivious dimple when you wink to say you love me, and I love you let me touch, oh the leg that carries around such perfection to pry open your leg I just want the soft love that whispers and blinks slowly I want the maid who has never know, know that I love you and I cannot drown as you hope I will drown for the witch lives in me in my love, now I will take and store you away and no other eye will see your white bones in the moonlight when I come to see you to love you in moonlight without any purpose but to sit with you all night and love you, steady the trumpets as angels come home, as demons go home leaving only your flutter, your slipperprint and wet brush alone down the passage and there by the bookcase the bookshelf holds secrets and when you do move it please notice the new door and see that it opens and see that you walk in and go down the passage, now here you will find her yes here as I left her for I loved her she sleeps on the cold floor white bones in the moonlight I held too tight and she gave me her last breath and black beetle eyes closed and she knew that I loved her.


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