To Kill

To Kill


The Mockingbird

Was shot by the feel in the heart

Of innate bereavement

Of hate, I’m a seamstress

Of constant debate:

In and Out are never the same!


A Harper might pluck out the cords

These eye/thought-sounds

make think of the world

And watch it unfurl into love and the fair

Maiden: what are you telling me here?

To accept blunt minds and mediocrity?

For all men are made equal

But a Finch birdy once nebulously agreed

Some, it is true- not all.


4 thoughts on “To Kill

  1. Boom… Brilliant indeed.. wow..

    A thought: all are born/made equal, but the choices and reactions to circumstances (not the circumstances themselves!) do so very much indeed bridge the gap between those of note, and those of blunt minded mediocrity.. perhaps 😉

    Awesome stuff dude!

    Liked by 2 people

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